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  • Angela Wonka

    Dear Mrs. Else Akinde
    I have also read about my research about the NIGERWIVES in Nigeria from you:
    My friend Astrid is half Igbo and half European, and suffers from leukemia.
    Due to this rare gene mix she has not yet found a stem cell donor worldwide who could save her life.
    Please take the time to read our letter from the “Help Astrid Team”.
    Soon we will also start a registration campaign in the USA for this rare gene mix, which will be extended to “West African/ European/American origin”.
    With hopeful greetings
    Katja Angela Wonka
    – with the next mail I will send you further information and hope you can help us through your contacts.

    • micax

      Dear Angela.

      Your message has reached us, and I can tell you, that the appeal for Astrid has made the rounds of the Nigerian mixed community here, but I do not know if anybody has responded. I am of Nordic heritage.

      With the best wishes,

      Else Akinde

  • Angela Wonka

    Stem cell donor with mixed ethnical heritage urgently needed!

    Dear Mrs. Else Akinde and family
    I herewith send you our request concerning my friend Astrid in writing. My dear friend Astrid was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), an extremely aggressive form of blood cancer. Because of Astrid´s mixed ethnical background (her father is from Nigeria with Igbo roots, her mother is German) she needs a stem cell donor who is also of mixed heritage, ideally with half Nigerian half European/Caucasian roots – as soon as possible!

    In the months past, there was no possible donor found in the worldwide databases, even though there a currently 30 million registered donors. The problem being that extremely few registered donors, less than 3%, have a mixed ethnical background (https://swabtheworld.com). For a successful transplantation of stem cells, the requirement is that the tissue markers of the patient and the donor must match to almost 100%. The blood type of the donor is not relevant. Tissue markers are inherited from the parents and are regionally different. The probability of a match is therefore maximized when the donor and the patient are of the same heritage.


    Astrid is a mother of two children, aged 9 and 11. Her husband is paraplegic after an accident five years ago. After Astrid received her diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in September last year, she was treated several times with chemotherapies which have been largely ineffective. She is now trying, with the help of her family and friends, to draw people´s attention to her fate all over the world. Her goal is that a large number of people with a mixed heritage take the step to get registered as a stem cell donor and through this, not only Astrid´s chances of survival improve, but also the chances of all other patients with mixed ethnical backgrounds to have access to a lifesaving stem cell donation.

    This important issue has already led Member of Parliament Dr. Karamba Diaby to take up this matter in his speech in the debate concerning the framework “Health Research” in the German parliament on February 22nd 2019. The media has helped as well, in mobilizing people in Germany and worldwide (please see links below). Unfortunately, despite all efforts, Astrid´s “genetic twin” has not been found to this day.

    Therefore, we ask for your help! It would be great if you could share this information throughout your organization and help us with our targeted search for a possible donor with Astrid´s heritage. The attached flyer, posters, text etc. can be used freely and are downloadable on our website in a variety of languages (see links below). There are no costs to bear for a possible stem cell donor.

    We would like to thank you very much in advance for your support and engagement.

    Katja Angela Wonka

    Please share the following links for information concerning this campaign and worldwide registration:

    Website and worldwide registration

    Facebook „Help-Astrid“

    Instagram „help_astrid“


    The news and reports in the media as well as the speech in the German parliament concerning our campaign give further information and may be shared as well:

    TV BRISANT I Das Erste – MDR


    Radio hr3


    Newspaper LONDON NEWS I London Evening Standard

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    There are many possibilities how you can help:

    Mentioning the subject in newsletters, at meetings and on your social media channels
    Display of posters and flyers
    Postings in your Intranet or on your Website
    We will be happy to support your own ideas, e.g. public bone marrow typing campaigns

    Hopefully Katja Angela Wonka

  • Angela Wonka

    Please let me know that this message did reach you.